E. Özahi, A. Tozlu, A. Abuşoğlu
International Journal of Energy and Environment, 10, 201-205,
Publication year: 2016


In recent years, municipal solid waste (MSW) management has drawn an attention due to the increasing risk of its environmental pollution and becoming energy source potential. Municipal solid waste can be reused efficiently in an energy recovery systems if a proper method is selected in a power plant. Up to now, the typical disposal and energy recovery method of MSW is sanitary landfill and currently there are some developments on MSW incineration systems. As an energy recovery system, an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) can be an alternative technique in order to increase an overall energetic efficiency of a MSW power plant using excessive energy of exhaust gas sent to atmosphere. In this respect, a proper fluid that operates in ORC should be determined for satisfying maximum amount of energy recovery. In this study, a model in which ORC system is used for energy production from the exhaust gas is proposed for an existing MSW power plant located in Gaziantep city. The thermodynamic analyses were carried out for the adapted ORC system using pentafluoropropane, R245fa as a working considering the energetic and exergetic efficiencies of the system.

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