E. Özahi, A. Tozlu , A. Abuşoğlu, A. İ. Kutlar
3rd International Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences (ICENS 2017), ISBN: 978-605-83575-4-9, Budapest, Hungary, May 3-7
Publication year: 2017

It is possible to increase the efficiency of a system by decreasing the exergetic losses. In this study, energy and exergy analyses are carried out for a coal-fired thermal power plant in İzmir for screening the system efficiency and proposing how the efficiency of the plant can be increased. Thermal Power plant has 250 MW installed power which is a portion of 5.83 % of total power production in İzmir.

According to the thermodynamic analyses, the highest and the lowest exergy destructions are found to be 408.17 MW for the boiler and 0.26 MW for the centrifugal pump, respectively. Exergetic efficiencies of the higher, intermediate and lower pressure turbines are evaluated as 94.24 %, 95.38 % and 68.61 %, respectively. Exergetic efficiencies of the intermediate pressure turbine and the feed water pump are found to be the maximum and minimum among the subcomponents of the thermal power plant. As a result of the thermodynamic analyses, the exergetic efficiency of the power plant is found to be 28.65%. Beside this, the thermal efficiency of the power plant is evaluated as 25.11 %, which is compatible with the efficiencies of other thermal power plants. It can be mentioned that higher exergy destructions represent the most potential for possible improvements in the performance for this analysis.

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