E. Özahi and H. Demir
12th International Conference on Signal Processing, Robotics and Automation (ISPRA '13), ISBN: 978-1-61804-164-7, pp.254-259, Cambridge, UK, February 20-22
Publication year: 2013


Batch type fluidized bed drying is one of the most used and successful methods in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries due to its higher efficiency. For this reason, many studies in lab- and industry-scales are continued on fluidized bed drying concept for improvements of their performance characteristics. This paper reports the recent significant experimental studies on batch type fluidized bed dryers giving their fundamental results. The signal acquisition and processing steps via daqboad, PC and program devised in LabView 2009SP1® for control and operation of the devices in a planned experimental study are introduced in the light of the literature survey. Moreover a case study is carried out in order to give the view point according to the conducted studies, in which the effects of particle types to be dried, drying medium velocities and heating methods on drying times are discussed at some constant drying temperatures.

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