E. Özahi and H. Demir
8th International Conference on Continuum Mechanics (CM’13), ISBN: 978-960-474-313-1, pp.51-55, Rhodes, Greece, July 16-19
Publication year: 2013


An experimental setup which is going to be used in order to investigate the drying performance of a batch type fluidized bed dryer for some harvested foods under varying drying temperatures and velocities is introduced in this paper. This study also presents a correlation study in which the drying performances of batch type fluidized bed drying processes available in the literature are investigated in terms of drying rates with respect to drying time at some constant drying air velocities and temperatures. It is too hard to find such a study which presents different experimental results on the common bases. This gives an original contribution to the literature. The correlation study herein provides a novel insight for both academic and industrial aspects. Therefore it satisfies a preliminary estimation of drying performance before any experimental study.

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