E. Özahi, M. Ö. Çarpınlıoğlu
Journal of Thermal Science and Technology, 35, 75-88
Publication year: 2015


This paper presents an automated generation, control, data acquisition and processing of sinusoidal pulsatile pipe flow using a devised program in LabView 2009SP1® in the experimental ranges of the time-averaged Reynolds number, Reta of 1019±35≤Reta≤4817±164, the oscillating Reynolds number, Reos  of 107±4≤Reos≤4261±145, the velocity amplitude ratio, A1 of 0.05±0.0017≤A1≤0.96±0.03 and the Womersley number, √ω’ of 2.72±0.00≤√ω’≤32.21±0.00. The aim herein is to introduce the devised program named as Time Dependent Flow Control.vi (TDFC.vi) within the methodology developed for pulsatile pipe flow analyses. The program provides considerable contributions for both education and specific research studies. It has also been designed to minimize the workload of the engineer and to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the system. The proposed program leads further experimental studies related on steady and time dependent flow dynamics. The experimental results are given to show the functionality of the system for the real-world data acquisition with great accuracy. As a result, the devised program in LabView 2009SP1® (TDFC.vi) provides more accurate and feasible velocity and frictional field analyses in pulsatile pipe flows when compared with the conventional analyzing methods, especially in transition to turbulent regime, with an acceptable error margin eliminating any possible human error.

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