M.Ö.Çarpınlıoğlu, E. Özahi
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 32, 27-34
Publication year: 2013


The hardware and software of an experimental test system which has been designed, constructed and operated for the analysis of transitional characteristics of a laminar time-dependent flow field into turbulence with comprehensive uncertainty analysis are the major contents of the paper. Therefore presentation herein aims to offer an application case in terms of time-dependent measurement and data acquisition technology using an electronic digital mass flow control (MFC) unit at laboratory site instead of previously used pressure driven mechanisms. The flow field is a sinusoidal pulsatile one in order to simulate the real practice and to utilize the simplicity in production, control and analysis of oscillation. The previous background and the updated portrait on the transitional pulsatile flow [1, 2] are outlined to determine the relevant flow parameters and their critical ranges, the details of the measurement and data acquisition systems and the proposed methodologies. The production of the controlled pulsatile flow and the generated flow characteristics, the methodology for the analysis, accuracy and sensitivity of the measurement and data acquisition chains are given for the purpose. The overall uncertainties of the velocity and pressure measurement chains are found to be ±3.2% and ±1.3%, respectively. The range of the experimental research devised to investigate the interactive influences of oscillation frequency,  f  and velocity amplitude ratio, in the intermediate and the inertia dominant regions of pulsatile flow field with an emphasis on transition to turbulence is presented via sample measurements of  mean velocity and pressure waveforms as solid outputs without going into details on physical aspects of flow dynamics.

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