M.Ö.Çarpınlıoğlu, E. Özahi
Powder Technology, 187, 94-101
Publication year: 2008


An experimental study was conducted on the pressure drop characteristics of a variety of vertical packed beds in turbulent flow of air. The materials of different particle diameter, Dp,  with a range of sphericity Φ, 0.55≤Φ≤1.00 were used in random loose packing to produce beds of  different  lengths, L, with a range of porosity, e, 0.36≤e≤0.56. In the covered test cases the cross sectional velocity distribution at the exit plane of the packed beds and the pressure drop ΔPBed were measured in a particle Reynolds number range of Rep, 675≤Rep≤7772. The particular emphasis of the study was given to determine the influence of e, Φ , Dp , L, Rep on ΔPBed. In this respect the measurements of ΔPBed  were compared with the well-known Ergun’s Equation and the data were expressed in terms of correlations through introduced dimensionless parameters of pressure coefficient, ΔP* and exit Reynolds number Reexit. The proposed correlations  of ΔP*=ΔP*(εRepDp/L)  and Reexit=Reexit(RepDp/L) are found to be appropriate for the determination of ΔPBed and mean exit velocity, U, respectively with an acceptable fit of experimental data in an error margin less than ± 20%. The methodology is presented in this paper as an alternative approach to the available literature on packed beds.

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